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Metal Detector

Product Descriptions


  1. Adopt the theory of balance, more reliable;
  2. Phase-adapted technology can adapt products in order to effectively eliminate product effect.
  3. Combination of DSP and Microprocessor is applied to process testing data of detection signal, which can enhance detection efficiency
  4. Large LCD display with Chinese & English language and so on; Consumer can choose according to their needs.
  5. Have self- learning study function, can automatically digitally learn and store products features. Easy to operate without manual participation to adjust technical parameters
  6. . It can store more than 100 kinds of testing data of products
  7. Automatic flap rejection system can improve production efficiency and save labor costs
  8. To stop mistaking in transmission & reception in advance, the detector handles many operations. Easy to adjust the detecting parameters.


The equipment is widely used in Aquatic products, meat and poultry products, preserved food, flour products, dried fruit, vegetables chemical materials, medical drugs, toys and primary products, etc.

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